EK-201 PVC Cement - Medium Body


  • Medium Body
  • For PVC & uPVC pipes
  • Excellent Adhesion


A premium quality, clear color, high strength adhesive formulated for PVC and uPVC fitting and pipes bonding applications. It is easy-to-use and offers superior bonding strength. It has been tested to conform to MS-628: Part 2: Section 2.2: 1999 - Specification for unplasticized PVC (uPVC) Pipes for Water Supply: Part 2: Joint and Fitting for use with unplasticized PVC Pressure Pipes Section 2.2: Solvent Cement.


Ideal for bonding and coupling of rigid PVC and uPVC pipes. Upon complete curing, it is safe for drinking water, irrigation, waste water, sanitary pipes and conduit etc.


100g, 500g, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz

Carton Quantity:

100g:72cans/carton, 500g:24cans/carton, 4oz:60cans/carton, 8oz:48cans/carton, 16oz:24cans/carton. 32oz:12cans/carton