EK-230 Pipe Cleaner


  • Cleaner for PVC, ABS and cPVC Pipes
  • Ideal for Pipes of All Classes and Schedules


Specially formulated for the cleaning of plastic pipes and fitting in preparation for assembly. It may be used for PVC, ABS and cPVC pipes. It is suitable for pipes of all classes and schedules.


The Pipe Cleaner will help to expedite the penetration and softening the pipes and fitting surfaces to prepare for assembly. When used with appropriate solvent cement, it will make a well-fused and consistently strong joint. Besides cleaning the plastic pipes, the Pipe Cleaner can be used to restore brushes and to clean tools soiled with residues of solvent cement. The used Pipe Cleaner must not be used again for cleaning of pipes and fitting. The Pipe Cleaner should not be used to dilute Solvent Cement.


8oz, 16oz

Carton Quantity:

8oz:48cans/carton, 16oz:24cans/carton