EK-120 No More Gap Sealant

Description: An economical acrylic sealant for general purpose sealing applications. It is paintable and formulated for sealing gaps and joints where slight movements or vibrations are expected.

Applications: General sealing applications (door and window joints, cabinet and wardrobe installation, skirting of wood flooring, etc.). Suitable for various substrates (metal, PVC, wood, concrete, gypsum boards, reinforced cement boards, marble, etc.).

EK-128 Firesil Sealant

Description: An acrylic-based firestop sealant for fire-rated joint applications. It is rated up to 4 hours with BS EN 1366-4: 2006 specification. It is suitable to seal gaps where slight movements are expected.

Applications: Indoor joints and service penetrations with fire retardant requirements (joints between walls and ceiling, joints around pipe and cable work, perimeter sealing of fire rated doors and windows). It has good adhesion on most construction materials (concrete, bricks, painted wood, aluminium, etc.).

EK-150 Awning & Roofing Sealant

Description: An oil-based caulk formulated to bond various types of common construction materials without primer. It has superior adhesion, good durability, and low shrinkage.

Applications: Ideal for general sealing applications with minimal movement (containers, roofs, etc.). It also exhibits excellent adhesion to metal, wood, glass, ceramic, etc.

EK-151 Coolroom Mastic

Description: A non-drying, butyl rubber-based mastic that does not harden but rather remains paste-like, permanently soft. It has excellent water vapour transmission and cold temperature resistance.

Applications: Well-suited for sealing cold room and other pre-fabricated construction applications. Ideal for sealing most plastics, metals, glass, masonry, and wood.

EK-755 Auto Glass Sealant

Description: A moisture-cured, high modulus polyurethane sealant formulated for windscreen bonding applications. It is silicone-free, and has excellent resistances against weathering, temperature extremes and airborne pollutants.

Applications: Specially formulated for windscreen bonding applications. It has a high green strength, thus suitable for glass bonding in trains and coachwork.